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Trees are Like Sadhus

They sit rooted in one place and grow.
     Without moving they learn and listen
and then sit even longer.
They provide shelter and comfort and home for others.
     They rely on the Divine for their sustenance.
They are strong and rooted and flexible.
     Capable of bending 
     far more than you'd think possible.
Yet always eternal, always changing, always growing.
Always with their heads in the clouds, rooted in the Earth,
     and holding multiple perspectives.
Others cling to them.
     But they have no attachments.
They have wisdom that is not always communicated through words.
If we sit with them, listen, and feel,
     we can embody that wisdom.

Farhad Desai

Farhad is Co-Founder and Mindfulness Facilitator at Beyond Binary Consulting. He is the author of Orientation: For the Journey of a Lifetime

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  1. Kendra

    What a beautiful poem, thank you Farhad! Resonating with me right now is: “Others cling to them. / But they have no attachments.” You’ve reminded me of how much we can learn from trees.

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