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The Winding Path

Last year when I did Seth Godin’s Creatives Workshop, I created and shared a piece of creative work every day. The format I choose for creation was ‘words with an image.’ The workshop gave me the pressure needed to keep the daily practice going for 3 months. The course instructed us to ‘ship daily’ – which meant putting something out there and sharing it. That exercise put a breeze in the sails of this blog. It is good to have a structure from which to create. Without it, things can become a bit unfocused.

I wonder, though – is lack of focus a kind of path in itself?

When the workshop concluded, the push to ship died down. While I continued to create some kind of art daily, I stopped sharing it.

Being released from the self-imposed format of ‘words with an image,’ I wandered down the path of creative exploration. My inspiration began with a photograph of artwork created from matchboxes by Kaija Rantakari. I became fascinated with the idea of making little expressions in small boxes, and started to make my own matchbox versions. Matchbox art pulled my explorations out of the digital world, where I am most comfortable, and into the realm of the physical. Getting my hands dirty gave me a different feeling of satisfaction. Sensual and tangible. The boxes had me experimenting with colored markers, acrylic paints, air dry clay, and paper quilling. As the boxes piled up, I found myself wanting to make the art more functional. That led to picking up some jewelry-making basics.

The journey continues and keeps branching. I’ll keep you posted on developments.

The image above is one of my matchboxes with a pair of earrings. The second earring is hidden behind the one you can see. They are made of clay and painted with acrylic paints and markers.

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Jamuna Burry

Exploring ideas on creativity through digital art.

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    Love this post and your work ‘in the physical’ Jamuna!!

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