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The Struggle With Habits

I have been trying to establish healthy habits for what seems like a million years. In September, I began a practice of keeping a habit tracker. I gave it a decent effort for about 6 weeks. During that time, the only thing I regularly did without fail was to make a blog post. Other things did not hit the daily mark. Although some were not meant to. Marking the tracker kept me conscious of how I treated myself over the week. How often I had incorporated physical movement in my week. How often I drank enough water or ate enough greens.

I fell out of the habit of marking the habit tracker about 2 weeks ago, and my habits have suffered. Worse, the tracker sits open on my desk by my elbow, reminding me of failure.

Something needs to be done. Either the habit tracker goes in the trash, or I start working on it again.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week. It is a chance to start again. Maybe I will.

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  1. jamuna

    The struggle is real, Louise!

  2. Louise

    Well that was worth a giggle, we all do it. Guessing you will start again, you are so much more dedicated! Keep us in the loop!

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