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The Larvae of Marine Snails teaches us about Finding Style

My creative scientist friend Jenn Page, introduced me to the Veliger Larvae of a Marine Snail. These creatures are to marine snails that caterpillars are to butterflies. They are tiny, barely noticeable, transparent creatures floating around in the ocean. Jenn equated their behavior with finding one’s creative voice.

When the Veliger Larvae arrive in the world, they are adrift. Bouncing around with the tides, not being able to attach to anything. Once they get a sense of a place to call home, they settle and grow into the snail they are becoming. While the tides might set them adrift again, they never lose that sense of home, as that feeling is embedded into their being.

The search for artistic style parallels this. As you explore the creative world, there are preferences you are drawn to. You might prefer warm over cool colors, or the tapering end of a line over a flat one. You might gravitate towards a type of light; a type of subject; a softness; a sharpness; a matte or a glossy finish. Small things that start to define the boundaries of style. These become your voice. While you might explore other mediums, there is an organic preference that styles your expression. As you settle into it with confidence, it becomes home.

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    I really liked the analogy of the sea creature to creative style.

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