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The Juxtaposition of This and That

Juxtaposition is when one element is placed next to another in such a way that a new relationship is created. In visual art, Juxtaposition can be used to express philosophical, poetic, political, or controversial views. It is also used to add drama, and for the purpose of promotion.

In digital art, Juxtaposition is achieved by merging separate elements within a single frame. This is done through multiple exposures or blending images with software. A successful Juxtaposition creates a new synergy or story that does not exist in the independent images.

Juxtaposition - behind the veil

Behind The Veil
I used the juxtaposition of a woman’s face with a steel fence covering her nose and mouth. The image is bordered by dark and red curtain-type elements that carry various symbolism.

I am attempting to make a statement on the many ways the voices of women are veiled.


By using the shell of a snail and two different types of dead and dying leaves, I am attempting to express the fragile beauty of the natural world.

Give Peace A Chance, 2020

There are various symbols and stories that encapsulate 2020 in this image. The questions that I hope to convey are ‘Will the bubble crush the figure, or will the figure push the bubble out of the picture? And what does each represent to you, the viewer?

Here are some excellent examples of Juxtaposition: “Know Where You Stand” is a series created by Seth Tara for The History Channel. Seth takes images from WWII and contrasts them with modern-day images in the same locations.

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  1. Patricia

    Your examples are beautiful and meaningful Jamuna. Perfect use of the technique. The series created by Seth is powerful.

  2. Lydia

    I really like to use this in some of my landscape paintings

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