The Forensics of Art

The Forensics of Art

Art is like DNA left at the scene. It is evidence that the artist has been there. It is a mark left, like a dinosaur footprint or a painting on a cave wall. It says, I was here, saw something, felt something, wondered about something – and this is how I worked my way through it all.

The traces that art leaves are sensual and spiritual. They speak of a state of being-ness and a form of communication.

Yo-Yo Ma said that everything he has experienced is embedded in the way he plays.

Here is a thought:

Consider this is the year 3021 and you are looking two images without knowing the history of either. One is the Mona Lisa and the other, a remake of it. I wonder which form you would be drawn to and why that would be?

Keep these ideas in mind as you take a look at some remakes of famous paintings here.

Jamuna Burry

Exploring ideas on creativity through digital art.