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The Flower of Life

Sacred Geometry was thought to be a view into the mind of God. The shapes and designs were used as guides to many works of art. They arise from a single point into the basic shapes we know: The circle, the square, and the triangle.

The beliefs based on the words’ sacred’ and ‘geometry’ are too overwhelming to take on in a small post like this one. However, there are volumes to google should you be interested.

This symbol is called the Flower of Life. It is composed of 19 circles. It is an ancient pattern that was found in Egyptian tombs and exists in cultures across the world. It is said to be the pattern of creation. Through time it has come to be associated with peace, good luck, health, and protection.

As the world goes through the second wave of COVID-19, I offer you a Flower of Life. I’ve made it with Adobe Illustrator and placed it on one of my digitally hand-painted backgrounds. I’ve also included a black and white version that is good for coloring.

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