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The Biophilia Effect

The Hypothesis called Biophilia Effect is summarised in ‘The Universal Principals of Design’ as, “Environments rich in nature views and imagery reduce stress and enhance focus and concentration.”

Edward Osborne Wilson, an American biologist and naturalist, came up with the Biophilia theory to explain the positive effects nature has on humans. This theory has been tested over the last few decades, and we can happily conclude that, indeed, this is true. It was proven that children and adults who had more exposure to nature did better in tests, had more concentration, and were generally happier.

And here is the most exciting thing about all of this!

The positive effects caused by nature are carried through with imagery. Hence, having photos of natural scenes around you is going to benefit your mental and emotional health.

So, keep working on those photos of flowers and natural scenes, and bring them into your home. Maybe gift some of your natural scenes to the special people on your list this coming holiday season.

Jamuna Burry

Exploring ideas on creativity through digital art.

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    So true I love painting nature!

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