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The Art of Walking

When building artistic skills, it is helpful to understand how to walk. In his book ‘Create,’ Marc Silber, photographer, author, and mountaineer, talks about teaching mountaineering. He says you don’t start learning to climb a mountain by carrying heavy packs and learning about ropes. Instead, on the first day, you learn how to walk.

Walking is about using the least amount of effort so that you have the most amount of fun. This allows you to walk longer and carry a little bit more each time. To walk is to find the rhythm to enjoy what is going on around you. The benefit of enjoying your walk is that your body takes in more oxygen, and your pace gradually increases in rhythm and distance.

For all that to happen, you have to keep walking.

Building creative skills works the same way. Keep the enjoyment in your artistic pursuits, and your skills will build organically.

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