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Taping the Creative Flame

A musical colleague told me something his teacher would say to him. ‘Music is readily available to everyone, but we are seldom readily available to it’. 

Music = Creativity. 

Be it photography, painting, or whatever form it takes. To be available, we need to keep a channel open to hear what the muse brings. Creative people get easily discouraged by doubt or life’s urgencies. 

Julia Cameron says, ‘creativity is a spiritual practice’. It is something that needs to be nurtured. The more you stay open to your creative habit, the stronger it will grow and support you. 

Here are some tips to help you stay available to your muse:

  • Keep creative friends who support you. 
  • Give yourself permission to be bad. Not everything you do will be a hit, but you have to keep putting out work to get to your best work. 
  • Keep learning new techniques to bring to your art.
  • Gain inspiration from the creative work of others – in every field. Learn their stories. Let them inspire you.
  • Your artistic endeavor is like oxygen, so make time to do your thing. You need it like air and sleep.
  • Not everyone who offers feedback does it well. Let the things that are hard to swallow slide off you and keep doing your thing.
  • Let your eccentricities shine and allow your weird self to show. 
  • Do it for love. Even when it brings you fame and money. 

Hi I’m Jamuna Burry.
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