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Take a Chance

I have often heard a photographer dismiss her image because the finished work was not the result she was going for. It happened by accident. 

The fact is, Chance has always played a role in art. You start with an idea, bring the materials, the subject, the environment. The way all those things interact and evolve can never be completely controlled. There is always some randomness in the mix. It is part of the process, and the happy accident, should not be ignored.

Marcel Duchamp’s ‘The Large Glass’ is an excellent example of Chance in play. The installation is made up of large panels of glass. Marcel worked on the piece for eight years, and when it exhibited at The Brooklyn Museum he considered it unfinished. After the exhibition, Marcel packed the piece for shipping to The Philadelphia Museum of Art, where it would be shown next. Upon receiving it, the panels of glass were shattered. Marcel glued them back together, leaving visible cracks in the glass. At that point, he declared the piece finished. 

Some artists believe that incorporating Chance brings the sleeping unconscious into play. Others believe that the use of chance removes personality and allows the artist to channel something greater.

Does ‘Chance’ play a role in your work?
How do you feel it plays a part in the world of the digital artist? 

I am lead by things that inspire me. The idea leads to a plan and the plan something changes in it’s execution. This blog happens like that.

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