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Style Preference – Genre or Limitation?

Like most people, I gravitate towards a preference of style in art. I like a particular kind of writing, painting, poetry, photography, music, etc. When a style I like appears, I take to it immediately. I understand it. It is like meeting a familiar friend. Someone you know. Someone you can dance with.

Now, I don’t have an automatic preference for other styles. These are easier to dismiss. I don’t understand them, and getting to know them takes effort. It is much easier to put down the book, change the music, surf to a different website and cut the thing causing a dissonance. But, when I do that, I lose the opportunity to expand my world and learn something new. By staying within the boundaries of the things I am comfortable in, I don’t grow as a human or an artist.

So, it’s worth giving something new a chance. I might decide it’s not for me, but I might also find something brilliant, once a taste has been developed – like Genesis’ ‘A Trick of the Tail.’

Jamuna Burry

Exploring ideas on creativity through digital art.

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  1. Kim

    Really smart Jamuna. Sticking with something that in the beginning is hard to penetrate – I like that idea very much. Maybe easier with friends??

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