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Squaring Up The Square

When I studied electronics, I would listen to Bach’s Air on G String, written in 4/4 time on repeat. It was part of a memorizing technique I used to recall formulas that got me through tests.

I’m listening to it again now and thinking about the shape of a square.
The square has 4 lines of equal length joining at 90-degree angles. It embodies structure and rhythm. It has something in common with the 4 seasons of the year; 4 directions – north, east, south, west; 4 walls of a house. What else?

A square is balanced on all sides. There is no hierarchy. It seems to say all things are equal, but not in the way a circle says all things are one. There is more structure here. Stand it on its edge, it becomes a diamond – more dynamic. Sit it on its base, and you have something stable to sit on.

A rectangle is an expanded square. A triangle has one side less – like a square with style. A circle is a square with rounded edges.

The square is like an introvert. Quiet and unassuming, with universes swirling below the surface. The square contracts and expands and multiplies itself to create the world we know.

Smart people have thoughtful and intelligent things to say about the square. Somehow I think that everything we know touches the surface of what the square still holds secret.

My image today is made of expanded and broken squares. How can you use squares in your art?

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