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Slaying Monsters

The website didn’t do what was expected of it the other day. It skipped over a couple of steps. Failed, and then started working again. Even though the entire event took less than 10 minutes, a fear of the unknown was activated in me. I wasn’t quite conscious about it, but it quietly played a script that gnawed at my sense of security.

I was feeling nervous and unsure and didn’t quite understand why. 

Something clicked when I read a friend’s social media post expressing their fear of getting COVID-19. I immediately connected it to what I was feeling and realized it started with the website.

Being able to identify the trigger allowed me to breathe easier.

Every single day there are lots and lots of things outside of my control that can go terribly wrong. But today, I can focus on the things that are working. Focusing on anything else is a short trip down a dark hole.

So ‘website outage monster’ that could have simply happened due to a power outage, I release you from my brain. Now I can write and draw and enjoy life again.

Jamuna Burry

Exploring ideas on creativity through digital art.