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Sizing Up The Triangle

I am thinking again about the Triangle.

Along with the Circle and the Square, the Triangle is one of the basic shapes which are the building blocks of our known universe. It is the Square with one less side. It fits into the circle, and in fact, it comes out of the Square, as if the Square decided to be fashionable and drop a side. In that sense, it feels like a bit of an advancement.

Where the Square is the thing that houses are built on, and the Circle speaks of oneness, the Triangle seems to say, I am possibility.

Other thoughts on the Triangle.

It has a hierarchy. With a singular point at the top and a wider base at the bottom, it suggests a ruler over multiples. Many religious and mystical paintings use this form. Turn the point to the bottom, and you have a funnel or a channel, suggesting singular access to multiple resources.

In design, composing with a triangular structure adds dynamic energy.

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