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Showing Up

I was asked today, ‘What success would look like to me after 100 days of doing this blog daily?” I answered, “I don’t know”. 

Today as I picked up my camera to make an image for the 365 Blog, I wondered if that was true. Do I really not know? Or is it the limiting voices that are holding me back? Not smart enough… who are you to…. waste of time… whatever… Or maybe the fear of commitment or being held accountable, or failing to complete something.

Anyway. The truth is there is something at the back of my mind, but the idea is not fully formed yet. I’m doing this blog to find the courage to let it happen. I would like to do something that combines what I’m learning about art, with photography and wisdom.

It’s all leading somewhere. I’d just like to wait longer before claiming a goal.
Today’s photo is unedited. Spots, unbalanced lighting, imperfect.

Hi I’m Jamuna Burry.
365 DAYS is my personal practice of shipping words and images.

Jamuna Burry

Exploring ideas on creativity through digital art.