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São Miguel, Açores

Richard and I spent a couple of days on the island of São Miguel, Açores, in Portugal. It was a welcome break from months of COVID-19 restrictions. We were there to deal with the Department of Bureaucracy, the office that ensures that the stamps which are banged on papers are adequately inked.

The island itself is a magical place. Small towns cradled in volcanic craters, and inaccessible neighborhoods clinging to solid ground with open ocean on one end and impossible cliffs on the other. Crystal clear lakes, surrounded by lush escarpment walls rising up to the clouds, dense with vegetation. At the edges of the island, the Atlantic ocean crashes blue against jagged black rock formed by violent eruptions of the earth’s core.

The atmosphere is pregnant with humidity from the saltwater and the clouds, giving life to growing things and vibrancy to nature’s colors.

Holsteins wander the grassy hills, grazing at leisure. Farmers, conscious of inconveniencing munching time, gather milk in ways that cause minimum disruption, giving the island’s bovines the nickname, ‘Happy Cows.’ The milk, cheese, and butter from Açores are some of the tastiest available in the country.

We explored the island, traveling in the clouds, on the edge of craters, waiting at times in howling winds for the mists to part and grant a view. Sometimes we were lucky, sometimes not.

There is a lot more to see in Açores. This gives you a little taste of the Portuguese island. In English, it is called ‘Azores.’

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    Wow Jamuna what a gorgeous place!! Think that should go in my bucket list for Portugal too!!

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