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I’ve been pondering the significance of SPACIOUSNESS. In art, it would seem to be about giving the subject room to exist without distraction. It might also be about allowing the eye breathability and movement. Perhaps it is also about communicating expansiveness or the exquisiteness of being. Spaciousness seems to say a lot, with very little.

I find it difficult to reach a spacious outcome in art. My desire is to fill empty space. This might have something to do with emptying the mind onto the page. Once the work is out, I tend to remove things while checking in with myself to see if the purpose is still evident. Admittedly, this is a process can be filled with peril. Doubts and limiting beliefs rise up like the living dead. Hence, it’s not surprising for a project to get derailed at worse, or, the initial idea gets lost. But new meaning can emerge from which to begin again. In whatever way I get to the final outcome, one thing is becoming clear to me – an uncluttered scene offers a sentient space.

This principle of Spaciousness works everywhere.

A good friend of mine does a daily yoga routine. Often she has the TV on while she goes through her poses. Recently, she decided to turn the telly off and discovered that she could tune into a deeper awareness of body, mind, and spirit. As connections opened for her, the calisthenic stretches gave her time to be with herself, and she now has a more profound benefit from her exercise. All it took was editing the TV out of the mind space. This happens to me when I clean my workspace.

Things happen when there is space. We notice, we understand, our messages become clear.

Jamuna Burry

Exploring ideas on creativity through digital art.