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Getting grounded in the evening sunset.

A quick way to get centered

We all get in our heads. Whether it is the outside world infringing on our perceived freedom, or pushing hard to accomplish things that our lives are built around. Whatever it is, at some point we find ourselves lost or stuck from thinking too much.

It is stressful and difficult to find a creative flow when you are ‘in your head’. 

This exercise is a quick way to get yourself centered and grounded. It is also an excellent way to generate creative ideas. Use it when you need a mental break, and to connect to the moment.

Stop. Bring your senses to the present moment. Pay attention to:

  • Five things you see.
  • Four things you feel.
  • Three things you hear.
  • Two things you taste.
  • One thing you smell.
  • Breath.

Here are some other ways to get grounded and keep the flow of creative ideas alive:

Sunset on the beach

About the image:

Warm reds and yellows advance with activity, while the cooler blues recede in peacefulness. The image contains the dynamic of activity and rest. This is a long exposure image, with ghosted figures walking the beach.

This image is available in prints, greeting cards, journals and more.

Jamuna Burry

Exploring ideas on creativity through digital art.

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  1. Patricia Dos Santos Paton

    It is such a beautiful serene picture Jamuna! It gives us the perception of how life is temporary and it helps to stress even further the importance of your 5 points you mentioned in your text. These points are so important for who fights with anxiety and panic attacks.

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