Purple Calla Lilies

Purple Calla Lilies

The grocery store had a shelf of calla lilies. They were strange colors, blue, black, and this deep purple that felt like it would wash off with watering. Calla lilies are a rare sight in the towns by the Pacific Ocean in Panama.

It is such a beautiful flower, and I could live my life in its presence. When I saw the plants, I realised it had been months since I looked at flowers through a close-up lens. No wonder I feel lost.

When I put my name on an image like this, I feel like I have stolen nature. Like the way, water is bottled and sold.

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  1. Sandra Highfield

    I love calla Lillies. Reminds me of Spring, birth and most of all hope for change.

    1. jamuna

      They certainly do hold a lot of promise.

  2. lydia knox

    They are really very beautiful! Wonderful shots too, like how the colour comes through.

    1. jamuna

      Thanks Lydia!

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