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Practice, Practice Practice

Radim Malinic, an award-winning graphics designer and the founder of Brand Nu, a Creative Branding Studio, writes about finding your creative voice in his ‘book of ideas’.

Like many others, he says it is about practice. When new musicians develop a musical style, they are encouraged to write 100 songs in different genres. In that process, they find their own way. In Malinic’s early career experience in a graphic design shop, he worked on a wide variety of projects for various kinds of clients. He writes that it took around 800 projects before his personal style started to emerge.

In the Creatives Workshop, Seth Godin encourages the practice of ‘shipping’ daily for over 100 days of the workshop. Shipping means putting out creative work.

As I approach the 100-day mark with this blog, I find that doing a blog post with an image every day means that sometimes the work is not my best and/or is incomplete. But in the process of putting it out there, trends and themes become visible. Seeds are sown that can be harvested later.

Hi I’m Jamuna Burry.
365 DAYS is my personal practice of shipping words and images.

Jamuna Burry

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