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Perfectly Imperfect

This is one of my favorite flower images. It’s not dreamy or perfect, but it is packed with meaning for me. I took it some years back and could have easily missed the opportunity. She was sitting propped up on a flower holder. I had taken many photos of the Rose in her prime and left her forgotten in a corner, where her petals slowly dried up and fell one by one. I was moping about one day, feeling ugly, old, and fat when I spied this fading flower. Her beauty shining brightly. I grabbed my camera.

In photography, we talk about the ‘decisive moment.’ It is the moment of peak action or full expression. A few days ago, I had taken dozens of photos of this flower in her prime. I had captured her softness, her sensuality, her beauty, her color. I had used reflectors and small lights from various angles. She was treated like a Vogue model.

Isn’t it interesting how we think we understand something, but we don’t know shit?

Here she was, one petal intact and full of message. She was me. THIS was the decisive moment.

She represents aging and wisdom. Her colors blaze even as she holds on to the last petal. Her seeds will shower the ones to come. She has something to say and so much still to offer. Even now, she keeps giving.

Jamuna Burry

Exploring ideas on creativity through digital art.

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  1. Patricia dos Santos Paton

    What a wonderful post with a strong message! Yes, yes and yes for all you’ve said….just amazingly beautiful!!!

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