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Pay Attention to Lydia Knox

I want to tell you about Lydia Knox – an artist who is talented, resilient, and has put in the time and effort to become the person she is today. She is a good friend, and I’ve had the good fortune to witness her story unfold.

Since she was in the second grade, Lydia knew she wanted to paint, but didn’t follow her dream until much later. Her husband left her when she was eight months pregnant with their second child. Instead of crumbling, she rose up and decided to follow her dream of painting.

Acknowledgment as an artist took years. She worked various jobs in Toronto, raising her two children with art on the back burner. 

Her children now grown, living their own lives. The last company she worked for closed their doors. That was the impetus she needed to leave the city and move to the country and set up a studio space for herself at home. She has dedicated the last few years developing her style as an artist and clarifying her voice.

Lydia books time in her studio. The words of Nina Simone greets her every day as she enters. She paints what’s in her heart, from her beliefs, and the things that affect her life.

The thing that is remarkable about Lydia is that she stands in her skin uncompromisingly. She doesn’t walk on the beaten path and not quite on the unbeaten one either. She forges her own way in the world, giggling at things others wonder about. Her style as a woman and an artist has developed over the years. She is continually working on her art and for her art, clearing the way to expression. 

Pay attention to her. Here is her work:

Her website

Her Etsy Store 

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