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Paper, Scissors, Paint & Photoshop

Last winter, I spoke with a few creative friends about something I wanted to explore. Digital Art Sessions. The idea was to bring a few people together to create art that would begin in the physical world with things like paint, collage, etc., and would finish with digital tools. I wrote up a plan with some themes and worked on defining an inclusive and experimental approach. It would be a community art project of sorts to bring ideas, approaches, and discoveries to the sometimes murky pool of the artist at work.

Anyway, I didn’t get it off the ground – yet.

My image today is something that could have come out of a ‘Digital Art Session.’ I cut out shapes from various acrylic experiments, stuck them together, and scanned them into Photoshop, where I played some more with shapes, strokes, curves, and masks.

I really like how it all turned out.

Would you like to do some Digital Art Sessions with me? Drop me a line.

Here is the ‘Before Photoshop” image. Do you see the changes? Thoughts?

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    Yes! Give us the digital art session!! 🙂

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