The Wood Wide Web

Deep beneath the forest ground, trees are connected to their own underground interweb, made of symbiotic fungi called mycorrhiza. Trees can send messages back and forth from tree to tree…

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How Creativity Works in The Brain

Understanding how creativity works in the brain allows you to leverage your creative power. There are 4 types of scientifically identified brain activity that correspond to creativity. Deliberate and CognitiveDeliberate…

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The Selfie as Art

Selfies have been happening since the fifteenth century when Painters such as Masaccio and Andrea Mantegna added their own images to the crowds in religious paintings. In later years, Rembrandt…

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A neophyte sits in silence, seeking mastery. A belly full of ambition and desire. Ideas and messages from the Akashic circle around awaiting the moment to land.


An allegory is an abstract idea communicated with concrete images. It is the parable told through images or relatable characters. Allegories are a comment on the human story and are…

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Breaking Free!

I had the word "Broken" in mind and for a photograph. I filtered several ideas in my head and decided on breaking something. It was more in line with me…

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