Memory and Writing

I love writing about moments that intersect with multiple events. Right now I'm working on an article about my experiences in 1992, when I played violin in the Bombay Chamber…

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Slaying Monsters

The website didn’t do what was expected of it the other day. It skipped over a couple of steps. Failed, and then started working again. Even though the entire event…

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Talent vs Skill

Steve Martin is known to have said, “I have no talent. None”. That is good news for me because I am not particularly talented and don’t have much of an…

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I’ve had an unfocused and distracted day bouncing from one thing to the other, attempting to grasp a task by the tail and see it to it’s creative completion. Had…

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Growth and Change
Leaves changing colours in Toronto.

Growth and Change

Part of the beauty of playing with creativity is continually being open to newness, change, and growth. But part of  growth also means I may not be the same today…

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The world around us is loud. When I sit at my computer to work, there are dozens of things that pull me away and send me down rabbit holes. It…

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