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Oneness and Actions

I stumbled upon new (to me) evidence that we really are all ONE, and that the only thing that separates us from each other is our skin.

Have you noticed that you want to yawn when someone does? This is due to something in the brain called ‘Mirror Neurons.’ When someone makes an action, neurons in their brain are activated. When you see that action, the same pattern of neurons fire in your brain, as if you were doing the action yourself.

This leads to the question, shouldn’t I feel pain if I watch someone put their hand in a flame?

You don’t feel the same sensation as the other person when you watch the action, because your skin receptors inform the brain that the same thing is not happening to you. So the only thing separating you from the other person’s action is the wisdom in your skin.


Should your skin receptors be damaged or blocked, for some reason, you would feel what was happening to the other person as if it was happening to you.

Interesting, eh?
See? We are all one.

It makes me think that the skin is like an advanced bodysuit that takes us through our earthly journeys. It helps keep us separate so that we can have individualized experiences and make unique art.

I am also thinking that it is beneficial to watch artists work and pay attention to how they move because your brain is firing the same neurons as them. It might make learning easier.

I love watching Barbara Luel paint. The colors she uses are gorgeous and her watercolor urban sketches are full of character. She has some videos on her You Tube channel.

Vilayanur Ramachandran is a leading researcher on Mirror Neurons. His Ted Talk on the subject is fascinating.

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    Great wisdom and imagination, Jamuna.

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