Make Art Like Noone is Watching
Drawing by Kai Patrick

Make Art Like Noone is Watching

To practice art, you need to believe in yourself. It has nothing to do with whether you are talented or not. It does, however, require that you think that you are. Or, at least that what you are doing is worth it.

For some people, this is easy. They do what they do with focus and concentration and are not concerned with talent or skill. My four-year-old great-niece demonstrates this very well. I take lessons from her.

Some people stop before they even get started. They might have a desire to do something, but their ideas of knowledge or skill gets in the way.

Julia Cameron says, “Creativity requires faith. Faith requires that we relinquish control”.

We have to decide to participate in that which brings us joy – and perhaps take dancing lessons from Elaine of Seinfeld.

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