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Letting My Values Lead The Way

Every December, I take inventory of the year that has passed and look towards the future. My plans don’t extend past the coming year, as my goals are more about discovery than destination. Hence, what I discover can change where I am going, as it often does.

One of the crucial things I do each year is to evaluate my Values to see if they still fit as worded. Values act as guideposts in challenging situations. So, defining them is like having a map to get through life. It shows where the road is and points out the rest stops and viewpoints, so that the journey can be enjoyed and the magnificence of existence can be appreciated. 

For example, I have a value that I call ‘Centering.’ I have defined it as: ‘Going within. When I am unsure about how to act or respond, I need to stop and be silent. I will find the answers. I can trust that.’  

When that value is alive and well in my life, I feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment. When I am off track, I find myself buffeted by external factors. I tend to react and defend my actions instead of listening and acting. I get stressed and lose my creative center. Blogging and creating art becomes hard. I become insecure and eat too many sweet things.

Recently I landed in uncharted territory. It has to do with this blog, and it is around unclarity about what I want from it and where I am going with it. Those things need defining. To be fair, it all started as an exploration that gets refined as I move forward. But now, as relationships develop, I hear them ask for clarity. While there is plenty of fulfillment for me in doing this blog, I can also see areas of confusion that need to be clarified – for you and for me. And becoming more purposeful is something I love to do.

So, I beg your patience, my dear friends. I’m working things out, and making sure my Values are aligned to act from my creative Center.

Have you defined your Values? Linda Bradley who is a good friend of mine, can help with that.

Jamuna Burry

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