Love After Love

Marcelle Quao is an educator in Ontario and a new friend of mine. We know each other through Seth Godin’s Creative Workshop, in which the idea of ‘generosity’ as a…

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Creative Heroes

In Seth Godin's Creatives Workshop, participants are given questions to ponder that help clear the path to a creative voice. Recently we were asked to look at a creative hero…

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Artist! Know Thyself

The truth is, the creative journey is not about making art. It is about clearing the way to knowing yourself and living your own authentic life. The path is about…

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Do What You Love!
Close-up of Gerbera Flower.

Do What You Love!

I love shooting flowers, but in a particular way. Set up indoors to get close-up without the interference of harsh sun, wind, rain or bugs. Honestly, I haven't embraced my…

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The Gift of BLM
Oil in Water

The Gift of BLM

Through the Black Lives Matter movement, there is an awareness of racial contrast waking up in a world that thought itself awoke. As I sit here in the computer bubble…

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The Tools in Your Toolbox
Primary colors, red, blue and yellow.

The Tools in Your Toolbox

As developing creative artists, we often tend to compare our work to the work of other creatives and come up short. We photographers think, 'I need to learn this new…

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Morocco Masala
Woman in a burqua walks with tiled designs in background

Morocco Masala

I grew up in Karachi, Pakistan and as my family was Catholic, I was not subject to wearing a full burqa. However, as a thinking, curious and passionate female human,…

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Knocking on the Creative Door
A door at the Quinta da Regaleria estate in Portugal.

Knocking on the Creative Door

Doors, like this door at the Quinta da Regaleria estate, trigger connections in our psyche. They serve as entries and exists and as such, co-relate to beginnings and endings. They…

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