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How to Kill The Critic

You know the voice that tells you are not good enough for {insert your thing here}, or that you are too good for {insert your thing here}?

This is the voice that does not allow you to participate and allows others to play while you sit back and critique or pout. Either way, it is the voice that keeps you from doing something you want to do.

It is the voice that keeps you from learning and growing, and accepting new ideas.

It is the voice that keeps you unhappy.

There is only one way to kill it.

Do the thing, and keep doing it. Show up every day, do it, and SHOW IT.

Whether it is through social media, or your art community, or at a museum show. Just put it out there.

You can count on it getting criticized. After all, everyone has an opinion. Some will even tell you what theirs is. As the saying goes, ‘take what you need and leave the rest’, and most importantly, keep going.

As Jinkx Monsoon is fond of saying, “Water off a duck’s back”.

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