Perfectly Imperfect

This is one of my favorite flower images. It’s not dreamy or perfect, but it is packed with meaning for me. I took it some years back and could have easily missed the opportunity. She was sitting propped up on a flower holder. I had taken many photos of the Rose in her prime and…

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A Primer on Leading Lines

When we look at an image, the mind likes to make connections to see a whole concept. Leading lines help this happen by creating a continuance between the main subject and other elements in the photograph.  In photography, lines are compositional tools that guide the eye. Photographers use them to bring attention to key areas…

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An Ode to The Dahlia!

The Dahlia flowers growing in my garden remind me to take note of the many things I feel gratitude for. Earlier this year, I went through a dark period. I lost my creative drive and had a difficult time seeing beyond my own perceived failures. Several practices helped me find light. Among them was the…

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Artist! Know Thyself

The truth is, the creative journey is not about making art. It is about clearing the way to knowing yourself and living your own authentic life. The path is about self-acceptance and doing the things that make you truly happy. If you pay attention, you will find your voice and move beyond the shadow of…

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