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Hick’s Law

As a creative, the more you know, the easier it is to get stuck. It’s a natural thing. In fact, there is a law that covers the concept: Hick’s Law states, ‘The time it takes to make a decision increases as the number of alternatives increase.’

When faced with creating a new piece of art, there are many places to begin and many techniques that can be employed. Facing a plethora of choices can quickly stop the creative train in its tracks.

So how to get unstuck?

Here is one way by Barbara Luel, a watercolor artist. Barbara says when she doesn’t know what to do, she takes a brush and dirties the page by making a mark and goes on from there.

As someone using a camera as a tool, you would simply pick up a camera and keep taking shots. Ron Clifford calls this Auto Yoga. Put the camera in auto and start snapping. Forget about settings. It doesn’t matter what you are shooting. It matters that you are. It is the practice of doing the work.

The images are from my Auto Yoga practice in 2018.

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