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For the Love of Fonts

Whether you are designing graphics or adding meaningful text to an image, the type of font you use is key. Use the wrong font and it can get in the way of your message. I have seen a wedding invitation that used a beautiful script font, but I couldn’t make out the names of the people or the date of the event! If the message is important, you want the font to be legible. You also want the message to be read and not the font to be admired – unless of course you do! Words can add dimension and further the message in an art piece. A word can add emotion and create an environment.

Free Fonts

There are beautiful free fonts everywhere on the internet, and the choices available can be a bit overwhelming. I like adding words to images. So from time to time I look for new fonts. I found a couple of fonts recently that I really enjoying using for different purposes. They are great for adding short text to images. Most of the free fonts you find on the internet are good for personal use. If you use them on a product that ends up for sale, you may need a commercial license. So do read the fine print on licenses and pay for someone’s work if applicable.

fonts, brusher, goatskin, banuaeBrusher
This is a lovely handwritten script font. It is legible, has a friendly quality and good for adding a few words to images. I wouldn’t use it to write paragraphs, but it is well suited for a short and sweet message.

Goat Skin Brush
This font has a don’t-mess-with-the-ninja look to it. It has a wonderful Asian quality and is very artistic. It carries an emotion, and is also mysterious, as it is not very legible. Use this font to reinforce a message already known to the reader, or to add a subtle word. It would also look awesome as a signature. However, if you want a first time viewer to understand what you writing, use a different font. I think it is wonderful for adding text to watercolor textures and illustrations.

This font has a little-girl-lost feeling to it. It also has an Asian feel, but much more legible than Goat Skin and less artsy. It has both a modern and rustic feel, with a chalk drawing character to it. You can download the font for free or for a donation of your choice.

Other Font related resources:

This website generates fonts that look good together. It gives you fonts for a Title, Subtitle and Body text. If you like a particular style in any of the pairings, you can lock it in and generate the other two. A sidebar on the left column tells you the name of the font, and also offers the ability to select other fonts that would also work in the combination. The fonts are available to download from Google Fonts. I am not clear if they are as TTF or OTF downloads. It seems to me they are meant to be used as web-based fonts.

Allows you to create a font out of your own handwriting. The way it works is that you download a template from the website, fill it out with your handwritten alphabets, scan, upload and the site builds a font with your own handwriting. You get a standard TTF or OTF font, which means you can use it in your desktop programs. There is a limited free version which allows you 75 characters and a subscription based full version. If you are looking to add text to your images or create a unique digital signature to sign your art, the free version works well.

fonts, creativity, dried flower, yellow, sunAbout the image:
Good Morning by Jamuna Burry
Pressed flowers photographed on a light tablet. Watercolor effects with Topaz Impressions. Brusher Font.

Jamuna Burry

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