Commitment and Improv

In improv, where there's no script or stage direction to lean on, commitment to who I am and who is with me on stage is far more important than what…

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Finding Your Voice

Finding one's voice is something we hear writers talk about a lot. It can be very easy for some and is a longer process for others. I started writing stories…

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Growth and Change
Leaves changing colours in Toronto.

Growth and Change

Part of the beauty of playing with creativity is continually being open to newness, change, and growth. But part of  growth also means I may not be the same today…

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Mindfulness Reminders
The Niagara River.

Mindfulness Reminders

I had a client who found the concept of mindfulness to be stressful. He felt that he not only had to handle the fast-paced, ever-changing, and increasingly-demanding life he already…

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Greetings, Friends! I'm grateful to Jamuna for giving me the opportunity to write on her site. When she offered the idea it immediately resonated with me, but it also frightened me…

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