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A Tropical Kingbird flies over to a favorite perch, showing us the beauty of her perfect wings.

Dreaming of a Better World

Years ago, I was part of a spiritual group that followed a lesser guru. I changed my life in many ways to follow the discipline. Meditation was a regular part of my day. I became a vegetarian, and I took the name Jamuna.

It was a small community that lasted for many years. In that time, there was a sense of family and belonging among the disciples. Close bonds were formed that were later broken and scattered.

Today I listened to a song that a disciple named Prosad wrote, called ‘Oh My Father‘. As I played it on repeat, I was transported to the ideal of a better world.

Here is to better leaders and world that is kind.

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  1. Louise

    We can only hope and try to make it a better place.

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