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Close-up of Gerbera Flower.

Do What You Love!

I love shooting flowers, but in a particular way. Set up indoors to get close-up without the interference of harsh sun, wind, rain or bugs.

Honestly, I haven’t embraced my love for close up flower photography because it feels a bit lame.

I have made reasonable attempts at shooting travel scenes, architecture and portraits of people. I have even photographed events and did some product photography. Every other type of photography seems more intelligent. Also, I have some good shots from different endeavours. Some of them even published. However, nothing excites me as much as looking at a flower up close. It feels like a guilty pleasure, akin to a secret passion for reading romance novels over business books.

I’m not great at photographing flowers, and I am a terrible gardener. But, that doesn’t take away from the burst of joy I feel in my heart when I get a close up look at the tones of colours, the delicate points and curves, the fine hairs, the complexity, the symmetry and the simplicity that exists in this over photographed subject.

The thing is, even though photographing flowers feels deeply rewarding, it is also a frustrating and challenging task, that tends to produce flowery language out my mouth. This is another reason I prefer to shoot indoors.

For me, the flower encapsulates the universe and everything beautiful and complex about life.

Like American photographer Alec Soth says:

“If in your heart of hearts you want to take pictures of kitties, take pictures of kitties.”

About the image.

This is a Gerbera Daisy photographed after it’s prime. Actually, the flower is drooping downwards and the image has been inverted.
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Jamuna Burry

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