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Definition of Success

Today I was challenged by the question of what ‘success’ means to me. It was posed in the framework of turning professional.

This is a tough question, as I do want to work at developing and my skills as a professional would, but I want freedom from the profit and loss statement. I want the joy of working a deadline, but the freedom to walk away from it.

I’ve been told that you are worth as much as you value yourself. ‘Value’ being equated by the amount you charge for your services. So, if you ask for a donation, you are begging. If you charge little you are seen as worthless, and if you charge too much, you risk putting yourself out of the market.

I don’t know how to play that game from a place of authenticity. Do you?

The thought of ‘going professional’ sucks the juice out of everything I’m doing. I’d rather shoot another dahlia.

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