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First Action of the Day

Our habits set our lives on a constructive or destructive course. We become our automatic actions. Success teachers tell us that what we do in the first hour of the day sets a life course. With that in mind, the very first thing you do when you open your eyes in the morning, creates a turning point.

When I open my eyes in the morning, I pick up my phone and open Google News. With that action, my mind is instantly filled with the disasters and the naysayers of the world. This post is about changing that action to something positive. Then, later I can look at changing my newsfeeds.

I want the new action to be mindful and soul-filling, but it also has to be easy and quick for me to keep doing it.

So here are some things I am considering:

Look at my palms.
In some Hindu traditions it is believed that the blessings of the Gods reside in your hands. When you look at your palms, you receive that energy. As a side note, ‘Palming’ is also a yogic method for bringing peace and relaxation. It is a little different from simply looking at you palms. I don’t feel ‘palming’ is appropriate as a first action, as I need something to wake me out of a state of relaxation, the first thing in the morning and not further it.

A gratitude list.
It is well known that gratitude is a powerful exercise that can change a negative mental outlook into a positive path. It cultivates an appreciation for what we already have and makes us happier human beings.

Daily affirmations allow us to focus on what is important in life and the content of the affirmation makes us aware of what our obstacles are. Affirmations can have significant impact on the quality of life. They should be stated in the present and in the positive. I’m going to look a little closer at affirmations, as I feel this is an action that can benefit me, wether or not I use it as a first morning action.

Take 3 Deep Breaths.
Deep breathing increases the oxygen flow to the blood, helps the body detoxify, strengthens the immune system, releases tension, helps the respiratory system and calms the nervous system, to list of a few benefits of deep breathing. It also helps to stop automatic mental chatter.

Make my bed.
Navy SEAL Admiral William McRaven, speaks to how the first thing taught to a Navy Seal is how to make a bed. He said, at first he thought it was a silly thing for a Navy Seal, who had to learn many difficult and complex tasks to learn. Later he understands that making your bed sets you up for having accomplished the very first task of the day. It was not just about having the bed made, it was also about doing it correctly and exactingly, as a discipline. The wisdom in making your bed, is that if you can do the little things right, will be able to do the big things right.

How are you starting off your day?


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