How Creativity Works in The Brain

Understanding how creativity works in the brain allows you to leverage your creative power. There are 4 types of scientifically identified brain activity that correspond to creativity. Deliberate and CognitiveDeliberate…

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Print Making with Cyanotype
Cyanotype Print

Print Making with Cyanotype

I am experimenting with the Cyanotype photographic process to make some rudimentary prints. The images here are my first effort. I heard about cyanotype from an artist in my cohort,…

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A quick way to get centered
Getting grounded in the evening sunset.

A quick way to get centered

We all get in our heads. Whether it is the outside world infringing on our perceived freedom, or pushing hard to accomplish things that our lives are built around. Whatever…

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Morning Pages

In her book, The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron introduces the idea of Morning Pages. The Artist’s Way is set up as a 12-Step program towards Creative Recovery. Morning Pages, are…

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An Hour a Week

In her book the Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron mentions two creative tools that when practiced, make magical changes towards opening up the creative channels in your life. One tool is…

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