Context Shapes Shape

Context Shapes Shape

In the image, there is a rectangular box with a red triangle inside it. If this artwork was entitled ‘Campground’ the triangle would become a tent. If it was called ‘Ocean’, we might see a sail or perhaps a shark. If it was called ‘December 25’, we could see a Christmas Tree. If it was called ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, we see a person.

We see Shape in context.

Other ingredients also flavor the triangle’s story. It is flat at the base, giving it a sense of stability. The color red could imply danger or urgency. The sharp edges suggest apprehension. The triangle is set to one side of an empty frame, suggesting, something else is coming.

The moral of this story?

Much can be implied by an image alone. However, if you want to ensure a message, titles (and descriptions) are important, especially when your visual language has a limited vocabulary.

365 Days is my personal practise of putting out words and images each day.


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