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Heading Towards Clarity

Yesterday as my struggle with my website layout touched on the point of frustration, I reached out to a group of business-oriented friends and asked for advice, suggestions, and recommendations. Someone asked what my site aspirations where. The question annoyed me. It triggered my resistance to set direction. I wanted to be content playing in the moment without claiming a goal because, if I do, I will need to show up and be accountable. What if I fail? What if I succeed?

It is a lot easier to live in the white noise of non-commitment. Blending into the background.

I realized that even though I want to find an authentic voice, I have resistance towards outlining the edges that define who I am. The moment I become honest about values, purpose, culture, beliefs the dust cloud of righteousness will fade. The calling becomes clear. Without clarity, I cannot state with any confidence where I am going.

It helps to clean the mirror so that you can see yourself.

What is the resistance that keeps you from claiming your art?

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