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Burn the Pain of 2020

We are at the end of a historic year! There have been gifts and challenges unlike anything we have experienced before. With the passing of an old year that has grown heavy, there is an opportunity to ritually release the fears that have taken up residence in our lives, in order to make way for a better harvest. Fears exist in all types of mental and emotional blocks. They manifest as doubts and thoughts of smallness. They show up as anger, intolerance, and subtle choices to suppress, hide, ignore, and sleep.

Right now with the energy of a transitioning year, we have a chance to acknowledge our limitations and make an outward action to say – we want our freedom!

Here’s how:

Write down a list of the things you want OUT of your life. Put some energy into the writing. At the end of December 31, feed the list to a fire. Say some words that acknowledge your action. I will say something like this:

Transforming flame
Here is my pain
Smoke out the stain
Render me whole again.

(Please do be sure to take safety precautions when burning things indoors).

Most importantly, if you have not already done so, be sure to make a list of things you want IN your life in 2021.

Peace to you.

Jamuna Burry

Exploring ideas on creativity through digital art.

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  1. Maddy y Martel

    Jamuna, I love your daily blogs! Uplifting and inspirational! Overflowing with the spirit of love.

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