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Blurs & Unsharp Photography

Recently I discovered Blur and Unsharp photography in a new focused (heh!) way. I was fortunate to get a chance to participate in an 8-week Blurs program run by Alex Lapidus and Heiko Mahr. The program introduced a range of techniques including Intentional Camera Movement (ICM), Long Exposures, Multiple Exposures, and more. It was a mind-opening 8-weeks that introduced new artists to follow and techniques that, frankly, gave me permission to change the way I capture the world with my camera.

Blurs has spoiled me for sharp images. I found liberation in making photographs that border on the abstract with minimal detail. My preference is for images that have enough information to convey what the scene is about, but not so much that you can see strands of hair. The approach is creative not only for the artist but also for the viewer. Leaving details out, allows the viewer’s mind to fill in their own story, engaging the imagination and emotion.

With less detail to tell your story, you must rely on form and light. In my case, color also plays a role in bringing forth essence and emotion.

I’m new to purposefully playing with blurs photography, and I love it!

Capturing nature through Long Exposure and Intentional Camera Movement.

ICM blurs photography

A field of marigolds captured with long exposure 1/15 sec. Pulling the camera slightly in the direction of the slant to drag the colors.
Full resolution image here.

Unsharp wildflowers. Blurs photography

Wild daisies. 1/15 sec exposure. Ensuring the camera movement was straighter for a vertical color pull.
Full resolution image here.

ICM and blurs photography

A swatch of wildflower color near a walking path. Also 1/15 sec. Upward pull.
Full resolution image here.

blurs photography

A slightly sharper capture without camera movement but slower exposure at 1/4 sec.

blurs photography composite

This is a composite of blurred poppies in the wind. I placed them on one of my a hand painted digital background. The stems are drawn in.
Full resolution image here.

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