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Better Days Ahead

It is February, and nature has sent a reminder that better days are ahead. At least, that is the message I took from the presence of these delicate White Star wildflowers that were poking their heads through the soil on the dog walk. There is only Luna, the Labrador, left to walk now. I am desperately missing the unruly presence of Huesos, the Panamanian street dog, whom Richard rescued 13 years ago from the streets of Panama. I said goodbye to her last week.

These tiny, delicate flowers don’t remind me of her fiercely protective nature at all. But they remind me of the light she brought into my life and give me hope that the pain will get better in time.

About the feature image:
Illustrated with Procreate from a photograph I took

My beautiful Huesos.

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Jamuna Burry

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  1. Kaye

    Beautiful Huesos, the miracle dog. She was starving when Richard found her (or she found him) and I remember it was touch-and-go there for a few days as to whether she would make it. You two nourished her with all she was starved for; care, close attention, food, love and welcoming hearts into your home as family. What a strong, fierce and loyal friend she was. She will always be embedded in your hearts.
    Beautiful Huesos. πŸΎπŸ’—

  2. Kim

    Look at those ears and those DEEP eyes! Love to you. ❀️

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