Something is coming

Today as I listened to the world, I heard overwhelm. It came from all directions and from everyone I engaged with. It feels like today, Monday, August 23, 2020, the…

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Heading Towards Clarity

Yesterday as my struggle with my website layout touched on the point of frustration, I reached out to a group of business-oriented friends and asked for advice, suggestions, and recommendations.…

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I have this messiness that I carry around with me, like Charles Shultz’s Pig-Pen. I feel incomplete and unkempt.   Failure feels buried deep within my bones like a birthmark.…

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Showing Up

I was asked today, ‘What success would look like to me after 100 days of doing this blog daily?" I answered, “I don’t know”. Today as I picked up my camera…

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Summer Garden

I am of sweating summer and toiling gardener. Of cherished homes and prized tables.I am of dulling colors and falling petals. Of fading beauty and gained wisdom.I live in the…

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Cup or Faces

When we look at an image, our eyes search for something to focus on. When we see, we focus on one detail. In the image featured, there is a cup…

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Kronos and Kairos

As I travel towards the inevitable end,Kronos conducts the song, sowing the hymn of destiny from the notes of history gone. Ah! the moment of freeform!Playful Kairos arrives.Soon it will…

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A quick way to get centered
Getting grounded in the evening sunset.

A quick way to get centered

We all get in our heads. Whether it is the outside world infringing on our perceived freedom, or pushing hard to accomplish things that our lives are built around. Whatever…

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Do What You Love!
Close-up of Gerbera Flower.

Do What You Love!

I love shooting flowers, but in a particular way. Set up indoors to get close-up without the interference of harsh sun, wind, rain or bugs. Honestly, I haven't embraced my…

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The Gift of BLM
Oil in Water

The Gift of BLM

Through the Black Lives Matter movement, there is an awareness of racial contrast waking up in a world that thought itself awoke. As I sit here in the computer bubble…

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