A neophyte sits in silence, seeking mastery. A belly full of ambition and desire. Ideas and messages from the Akashic circle around awaiting the moment to land.


An allegory is an abstract idea communicated with concrete images. It is the parable told through images or relatable characters. Allegories are a comment on the human story and are…

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Breaking Free!

I had the word "Broken" in mind and for a photograph. I filtered several ideas in my head and decided on breaking something. It was more in line with me…

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Art takes courage

As I watch my fellow creatives struggle with the need to be perfect before putting something out there, I get it.  Art takes courage.  Once you show yourself, people look…

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Choose School

I’ve been told, the best way to learn a languageis to have a lover who speaks it.I noodled it a bit.It comes with too much baggage.So, I’m going to school…

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Something is coming

Today as I listened to the world, I heard overwhelm. It came from all directions and from everyone I engaged with. It feels like today, Monday, August 23, 2020, the…

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Heading Towards Clarity

Yesterday as my struggle with my website layout touched on the point of frustration, I reached out to a group of business-oriented friends and asked for advice, suggestions, and recommendations.…

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