The Egret’s Gift
The reworked image

The Egret’s Gift

I had taken a photograph of a Great Egret from my peddle boat on the small caiman-filled Tortuga Lake that gently flowed behind my home in Panama. I loved photographing…

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Butterfly, Butterfly

I heard the best time to photograph butterflies is early in the morning when their wings are still heavy with dew, and they move slowly. I came across this one…

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Arrival of Summer

When I look at this photo, I hear birds chirping, and I'm not sure whether they are outside my window or in my memory. I can hear the crunch of…

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The Winding Path

Last year when I did Seth Godin's Creatives Workshop, I created and shared a piece of creative work every day. The format I choose for creation was 'words with an…

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Court Jester – Matchbox

Some of my friends have been seeing my latest obsession. Making art in matchboxes. They have taking on a life of their own, since I started exploring this avenue. I'm…

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Wild Flowering Spring

Springtime inspires me. I enjoy seeing the earth wake up and push new growth to its surface. New flowering plants are popping up on the walk every day. Maybe I'm…

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Listening to the Neighborhood
Invisible small birds chittering in the hedges, gives the hedge it's own voice.

Listening to the Neighborhood

Julia Cameron, the author of The Artist's Way, has released a new book called 'The Listening Path'. It is set up as a 6-week program that hones your sense of…

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Heart, Art

Art happens when I explore the edges of my ability without the pressure of performance. It exists in the joy of creation. Finished art forms are like your children. They…

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February Wildflowers

I'm thinking of my friends wintering the year in the Northern Hemisphere. When I lived in Canada, February felt like the longest month of the year. In truth, the sun…

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Where I am now

To be honest, I have been a bit lost. Maybe it has something to do with the loss the last weeks have brought the world, with some of it landing…

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Better Days Ahead

It is February, and nature has sent a reminder that better days are ahead. At least, that is the message I took from the presence of these delicate White Star…

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Apology Not Needed

There is no need to say 'sorry' for the treatment by your ancestors of my family. Instead, live, forgive. Make use of your opportunities, Give generously, get to know me.…

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A Reminder

I was reminded today by Steven Pressfield (The War of Art), that we don't need to be healed in order to move forward. Our pain does not go away. It…

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Sound Came First

I watched Paolo Angeli play his 'guitar' in his one-man band at a Tiny Desk Concert and understood that in the beginning, Sound came before Music.When Paolo was pushing his…

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Promise of Spring
Close-up of Gerbera Flower.

Promise of Spring

This frigid January day, blocks the sun that rose at Solstice. Spring's promise is not far away. It will bring respite from ice and sickness. The days are growing longer,…

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The Forensics of Art

Art is like DNA left at the scene. It is evidence that the artist has been there. It is a mark left, like a dinosaur footprint or a painting on…

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Burn the Pain of 2020

We are at the end of a historic year! There have been gifts and challenges unlike anything we have experienced before. With the passing of an old year that has…

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