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Attractive Bias

In reading about art and design, I discovered something called ‘Attractive Bias.’ It is also known as look-ism. It has to do with how our perceptions of beauty affect our choices. All variables being equal, attractive people are viewed more positively than unattractive ones. Inevitably they get more attention, make more money, receive more leniency, and win more votes.
Mothers will favor their more attractive children. In tests, babies looked longer at beautiful people, regardless of age, gender, race, or sex.

This explains swimsuit models on car advertisements.

The hip-to-waist ratio for an attractive woman is 0.70. I don’t know what scale is used or how it is calculated or rendered into a mathematical curve. But, in the image here, I traced the curve of Marylin Monroe’s figure. She was slightly protruding her hip, and I think it is a beautiful curve!

So, does that mean that you are doomed if your hip-to-wait ratio that does not add up to 0.70?

I sure hope not. The world is changing bias, even as I write these words. But it doesn’t hurt to comb your hair when it matters and accentuate the positive.  

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