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The world around us is loud. When I sit at my computer to work, there are dozens of things that pull me away and send me down rabbit holes. It feels hard to make good choices and stay focused in this internet-driven, streaming world that goes everywhere with us. We have become a world distracted by stimuli.

Creating anything requires us to slow down and pay attention. To notice the details and observe the places that go unnoticed.

Today I moved slower than my regular slowness and noticed these things:

  • That after dispensing the coffee, the Nespresso machine dispenses 7 drops.
  • That I close my eyes to hear better.
  • That I don’t know the name of the plant outside the kitchen window and love the way the morning sun hits its leaves.
  • That Luna’s nose twitches when the neighbor’s dog barks.
  • That the hum of small planes flying nearby has disappeared into ambient sound.
  • That I am no longer overwhelmed by the smell of salted codfish

What do you notice when you slow down?

Here is a great article by Rob Walker on How To Pay Attention.

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